Seal of the Respectable Lodge of the Seven Philanthropists, Dijon Orient


Loge des 7 philanthropes Dijon

Lodge of the Seven Philanthropists. O[rient] of Dijon. Original seal in bronze of the Lodge with an ivory handle, [around 1832]. Dimension 13,5 cm high and 4,6 cm diameter. 

Loge des 7 philanthropes Dijon
Valuable matrix of in cncient Lodge located in
Dijon; founded in 1831,it had edited its regulation the next year (Règlement de la [R.espectable Lodge] des Sept Philanthropes, à l'Orient de Dijon, pour être soumis à l’approbation du Grand Orient. [Dijon, Carion], 5832), et it ceased its meeting in 1840.
Original sealth in the Lodge
, delicately and finely engraved in masonic symbols : compass et square, columns, in luminous delta, cubic stone, acacia trees, etc.

Loge des 7 philanthropes Dijon
Exceptional piece, in remarkable condition, testimony in the old vitality of the Dijon Masonery during theJuly Monarchy.


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