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Rumpler. Engraving with autograph caption.
François Louis Rumpler. A moving letter of plenary indulgence at the point of death granted to Madame Rumpler, a nun of the Order of Saint Dominic.


Napoléon prisonnier à Sainte-Hélène.
Napoleon prisoner on St. Helena. State of the English garrison in November 1816, during the arrest of Las Cases.


Gardes Françaises juin 1789
Situation of the French Guards Regiment in June 1789. Exceptional document written on the eve of the storming of the Bastille, sumptuously bound by the Comte de Caumont.


Miniature. Étrennes mignonnes. Liège, 1762. Reliure brodée.
Miniature book. Étrennes mignonnes for 1762 published in Liège by Kints, in a splendid binding embroidered with gold and silver thread.


Les 29 Bulletins de la Grande Armée 1812 Campagne de Russie
Complete collection of the 29 Bulletins de la Grande Armée published in 1812 during the Russian Campaign.