Louis XIV upset by the death of his mother Anne of Austria

Louis XIV. Décès de sa mère Anne d'Autriche. 21 janvier 1666. Lettre signée.

  Louis XIV (1638-1715), King of France. Letter signed “Louis” (autograph signature), written by the secretary of the hand Toussaint Rose, Versailles, 21 January 1666, addressed to “ma seur“. 1 p. in-4°, very discreet mourning border. A particularly moving letter […]

Napoleon under guard on St. Helena, end of November 1816

Napoléon prisonnier à Sainte-Hélène

  Napoleon on St. Helena. Painting by François Martinet. State of the [British garrison]. St Helena. [.]. Saint Helena, 17-29 November 1816. Anonymous manuscript [Superior Officer ?] in-16, in English, . 34 unnumbered pages, written in fine and elegant writing […]

Precious document written on the eve of the storming of the Bastille, moving link between three lieutenants of the French Guards, the Marquis de Thuisy, the earl Constant de Suzannet, and the Marquis de Barville, brothers in arms who remained loyal to the king, in a prestigious binding of the Comte de Caumont

Gardes Françaises juin 1789

    [Marquis de Thuisy]. État du Régiment des Gardes Françoises du Roy au mois de Juin 1789. [Paris, 1789]. Manuscript in-16. [1], 7 white, 93 pp., 13 ff. white. Long-grained blue morocco, richly decorated long back, plates decorated with […]

Victor Hugo. Love and Death.

Hugo. L'Amour et la Mort.

  I. The plaster hand of Juliette Drouet, the love of his life. [Charles Simon Pradier (1783-1847), Swiss engraver]. Moulding of Juliette Drouet’s hand. Plaster. around 1826. Dimensions 25 x 10 x 5 cm. With handwritten mention in ink on […]

Victor Hugo, deist, criticizes Proudhon, atheist materialist

Hugo critique Proudhon

  Victor Hugo (1802-1885). Autograph letter signed, Haute-Ville House, 8 septembre [1872], [to Raoul Lafagette]. 2 pp. double-sheets in-12. With autograph envelope addressed to « Monsieur Raoul Lafagette / 14, rue des Ursulines / Paris /  Via London / France “, […]

Victor Considerant. Interesting intimate correspondence.

  Victor Considerant (Salins, 1808 – Paris, 1893), french philosopher and economist. 8 autograph letters signed, 1827-1846, to Clarisse Vigoureux in Besançon and Montagney [5], and to her daughter Julie Vigoureux, Mrs Victor Considerant [3].  26 pages in-8°, one heading […]