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Sacon de Lyon pour Giunta de Venise
Petrus de Natalibus. Lyon, Sacon, 1519. Most attractive book with Massena’s arms. Rare Lyon printing on behalf of the Giunta in Venice.

Erasme. Problema et Epicureus. Wechel. 1533.
Erasmus. 3 rare first editions of Paris. Wechel, 1533 and 1537.

Henri III duc d'Anjou roi de Pologne
Henri III, then Duke of Anjou, elected King of Poland, prepares his journey with an entourage worthy of his rank and power.


Henri IV. Abjuration.
His kingdom is well worth a mass ! Henry IV abjured and wants peace. He announces it to the Earl of Abin, devout Catholic and old friend of Montaigne. Lesson in political realism.


Graduel Paris 1609
Parisian gradual, 1609, published during the reign of Henry IV. Paris was really worth a mass !


Hugues de Salins. Prescription magistrale
Hospices of Beaune. Magistral prescriptions at the time of Louis XIV.


Louis XIV. Death of his mother Anne of Austria. Letter signed.
Louis XIV, shocked, addressed “the sad news of the death of the Queen Madame Ma Mère” on January 21, 1666, the day after her death. Particularly moving letter signed by his hand.


Bussy Rabutin crypté en grec
Bussy-Rabutin, “Les amours du Palais Royal, written in Greek characters, at a time when it was risky to possess it in ordinary characters“. Clandestine pamphlet written in Greek about Louis XIV’s love affair with the young Louise de La Vallière.


形態之吉凶 陰陽合復學. In-Yô. 18th century Japanese erotic manuscript, illustrated with colour drawings.


Atlas miniature XVIIIe
Rare miniature military atlas XVIIIth century, bound by Padeloup Son.


Huet. Dessin original. Singeries scatologiques.
Christophe Huet. How do you do… ? Drawing and engravings.

René Dubuisson
Almanac with arms, 1745. Rare binding by René Dubuisson.


 comte Razoumovski [Разумовские] et Elisabeth I
Copy of earl Razumovsky monogram of the Empress Elizabeth I

La Véritable Magie noire. 1750. Pentacle.
Grimoire. La Véritable Magie noire. 1750. Very rare original edition.

La Mettrie. Œuvres philosophiques aux armes de Pie IX
La Mettrie. Œuvres philosophiques. First edition, blacklisting for materialism and atheism, annotated, arms of Pope Pius IX !

Coupe des pierres. Manuscrit inédit XVIIIe.
About the Cup of Stones. Unpublished manuscript treatise written by Louis Chausson during the reign of Louis XV. Fully illustrated.

Voltaire à la troupe de la Comédie-Française au sujet de Tancrède.
Voltaire, demanding but nevertheless diplomatic author with the troupe of the Comédie-Française, very emancipated. Autograph letter signed about Tancrède.

Miniature. Étrennes mignonnes. Liège, 1762. Reliure brodée.
Miniature book. Étrennes mignonnes for 1762 published in Liège by Kints, in a splendid binding embroidered with gold and silver thread.


Médecine. Antoine Petit. Manuscrit autographe inédit.
Antoine Petit’s Physiology Course. Precious autograph manuscript.


Louis XVI. Maximes. 1766.
Louis XVI, aged 12, prophesies the Revolution! Maximes morales et politiques tirées de Télémaque, printed in Versailles by the Dauphin himself in only 25 copies. Enriched with the autograph Anecdote. An exceptional copy of a very rare edition.


Rumpler. Engraving with autograph caption.
François Louis Rumpler. A moving letter of plenary indulgence at the point of death granted to Madame Rumpler, a nun of the Order of Saint Dominic.


Ledoux Signature autographe
Claude-Nicolas Ledoux argues on the gates of his Longchamp grant barrier. Rare autograph letter signed.


Le Brigant. Linguistique. Celtomanie.
Celtic language is the mother tongue. The beginnings of linguistics in the 18th century. Precious manuscript of J. Le Brigant, singer of Celtomania.


Gardes Françaises juin 1789
Situation of the French Guards Regiment in June 1789. Exceptional document written on the eve of the storming of the Bastille, sumptuously bound by the Comte de Caumont.


Faux almanach. Crucifixion. Révolution.
Fake book containing a wax crucifix, a clandestine devotion during the French Revolution.


Comtesse de Genlis manuscrits autographes
Madame de Genlis. Le Jeu à la Madame, followed by the tale L’Isle des enfans, and by an unprecedented scientific study on the Agathe. Rare manuscripts.


Bulletins de la Grande Armée 1812 Campagne de Russie
Complete collection of the 29 Bulletins de la Grande Armée published in 1812 during the Russian Campaign.


Napoléon prisonnier à Sainte-Hélène.
Napoleon prisoner on St. Helena. State of the English garrison in November 1816, during the arrest of Las Cases.


Jeu de Boule. Gravure 1817.
” Are you shooting or pointing ? ” Lovers of the game of bowls playing on the Champs Elysees. Paris, Basset, [1817]. Hand colored lithography.


Prochaska. Lettres de noblesse.
Johann Nepomuk Freiherr von  Prochaska. Adelstitel. Letters of nobility of Baron Prochaska, hero of the revolutionary and imperial wars against France (Marengo, Wagram). Document issued by Austrian Emperor Francois I.


Vigée-Lebrun; Signature
Élisabeth Vigée-Lebrun. Emotional testimony of affection and admiration for the painter Franz-Niklaus Konig.


Album japonais
Rare Japanese album in dressed painted fabric. Village scenes. 日本のアルバム。村に。Around 1820-1830.


Duc d'Orléans, futur Louis-Philippe Ier
Exceptional and moving collection from the library of King Louis-Philippe, in which are described the tragedies and sufferings endured by the members of his dear family during the Revolution.


Brillat-Savarin. Pysiologie du goût. 1826.
Brillat-Savarin. La Physiologie du goût. Rare first edition in contemporary binding.


Hugo. L'Amour et la Mort.
Victor Hugo. Love and Death. Juliette Drouet’s passion, the feeling of infinity and The Clock which leads to the fatal moment. Unique set.

Considerant. Signature autographe.
Victor Considerant. Interesting intimate correspondence.


Médecine. Pamphlet en alexandrins. 1829.
“Car le moyen d’atteindre au vice radical Est d’arracher le masque au monde médical”. Violent pamphlet against medicine. 1829. Poem 2 566 alexandrines.


She swoons and he is the fall guy. Rare original drawing unpublished by Grandville.


Raousset-Boubon. signature autographe.
Gaston de Raousset-Boulbon, “a man against a century“. Letters and autograph writings of one of the last romantic heroes. (1835-1847)


Gustave Flaubert. Manuscrit de jeunesse inédit.
Gustave Flaubert. Unpublished youth manuscript.


Sceau d'Abd el-Kader
Emir Abd el-Kader [ عبد القادر بن محي الدين ] proposes a duel to the Duke of Aumale. “If you want to send for the singular fight your leader the son of the King, I, the slave of God, will fight against him”. Holy War and chivalry.


A. de Musset - G. Sand. Nostalgie.
A. de Musset – G. Sand. Nostalgia.


Lamartine par Bisson. 1841
A. de Lamartine by L. A. Bisson. Exceptional daguerreotype around 1841.

Saint-Martin. Des Nombres. 1843.
Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin. Des Nombres. 1843. Very rare original edition.


Atlas Tanner. République du Texas
Rare Tanner’s Atlas. Philadelphia, 1844.

Pasteur discours autographe sur l'enseignement secondaire
Louis Pasteur criticizes the reform of secondary education, especially teacher recruitment and training, as well as the attractiveness of the profession. A striking today speech !


Album chinois. Shanghai 1860 中文相册。上海, 徐家汇
Chinese album. Shanghai 1860 咸豐十年 (1860年), 照片集, 上海徐家匯


Berlioz Héroïque de Beethoven. Corrections autographes.
Berlioz revises his analytical study of Beethoven’s Heroic Symphony. “Why this despair ? why this rage ? we do not discover the reason. “


G. Courbet, lettre autographe signée à V. Hugo.
G. Courbet writes to V. Hugo in exile. Persecution and Hope. One of his most beautiful letters.


Courbet to Carjat. Unpublished artistic letter.
Like a drunken man, I didn’t care about cars, I didn’t care about the pavement, it seemed too short, I was painting“. G. Courbet found inspiration at his friend Etienne Carjat’s house. Unpublished letter.


Coligny-Chatillon Contes francs-comtois
Three Légendes comtoises transcribed and illuminated by Louise de Coligny-Chatillon for her son Raoul. Overwhelming testimony of maternal love.


Barbey d'Aurevilly misogyne
Barbey d’Aurevilly misogynist.


Minuscule livre-boîte, ravissant keepsake
Miniature Book Shaped Box, lovely keepsake.


Marin-Baldo Monument Christophe Colomb
José Marin-Baldo. Proyecto de un monumento á la gloria de Cristóbal Colon y de España. 1880. Gift copy given to Queen of Spain Isabella II. With photographs of the pharaonic project.


Pasteur note autographe recherche sur la rage
Louis Pasteur seeks the rabies vaccine. Autograph results of inoculations on dogs from rabbits, monkeys and children !


Figaro Tonkin Pellerin
Tonkin War. 1884. Le Figaro, the french newspaper, denounces Chinese false propaganda.


Phare Saint-Georges Reef
St. George Reef Lighthouse Lantern, in California.


Boulanger Agenda 1888
Precious General Boulanger’s agenda for 1888, the year in which he shook the Third Republic.


Mallarmé. Lettre autographe inédite
Tout existe pourvu que cela chante”. Mallarmé entrusts his vision of poetic art in 1888. Unpublished letter.


Verlaine. Amour. Exemplaire d'épreuves. Envoi et annotations.
Verlaine, in misery, desperate, sings the love of God and men. Poignant documents.


J. Clarétie.
Jules Clarétie. Valuable correspondence concerning the Comédie-Française of which he was the administrator.


 Shimizu Seifū. 清水晴風. Unai no tomo. うなゐの友 初編. 1er volume de la rare édition originale de 1891.
Shimizu Seifū. 清水晴風. Unai no tomo. うなゐの友 初編. 1st volume of the rare first edition published in 1891.


Lautrec. Le Divan japonais. Affiche originale.
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. Le Divan japonais. 1893. Original litographed poster.


Comin'Ache. Capitalisme. Autographie anarchiste.
Comin’Ache. Capitalisme. 1899. Violent anarchist printing.


Jules Lemaitre. Anti-Masonic manuscript.


Hayard Affiche antimaçonnique
L. Hayard. The Great Secret of Freemasonry. The art and the way of being elected Member of Parliament . Anti-Masonic comic strip around 1902. Rare poster.


Pierre Louÿs. Gammes. Poème érotique.
Pierre Louÿs plays his Scales singing the saphic pleasures. Very erotic poem. For warned amateur.
Cocteau Diaghilev et Nijinski
Jean Cocteau. Diaghilev et Nijinski [Дягилев и Нижинский] period of Stravinsky‘s Rite of Spring.


Pergaud Lettre à Descaves 1915
Louis Pergaud, in the trenches, on 3 March 1915, a few weeks before his death, written to his friend Lucien Descaves. Unpublished moving letter.


Guerre de 14-18. Haut-commandement allemand caricaturé par Pierre Chatillon
First war 14-18. German high command caricatured by Pierre Chatillon.


Arts et Métiers Graphiques
Graphic Arts and Crafts. 1927-1938. The most phenomenal magazine of the time, devoted to French graphic design of the 1930s. Rare complete in 68 issues.


Pascin. Dessin original. 1930.
Facetious drawing by Jules Pascin, a few months before his suicide. L’Heure des croquis (Germaine Eisenmann, Pierre Dubreuil and 3 models).


Ruhlmann. Lettres et documents.
A. Ruhlmann, archaeologist. Morocco owes him its prehistoric museum. Precious correspondence and documents.


Fanions Escadre Méditerranée Abrial
Flags of the Mediterranean Wing. 1936-1938. Album offered to Vice-Admiral Abrial, controversial hero of the French Navy.


Dubout. Dessin original pour Tartarin.
A. Dubout. Original drawing for Tartarin de Tarascon by A. Daudet.


Prévert. 3 poèmes autographes.
Jacques Prévert. 3 beautiful autograph poems. Love and nostalgia.


Malraux. Correspondance de guerre et documents. 1940-1975.
A. Malraux “prisoner“. His loves, his struggles, his work. Intimate correspondence with Josette Clotis during the war and various documents. 1940-1975.

G. Krull. Colmar. 1945
Germaine Krull. Rare photographies taken during the liberation of Alsace and Colmar in February 1945.


Gide manuscrit autographe
A. Gide. Glory’s thumbs in nose. Handwritten autograph talk.


Eluard. Bonne Justice. Calligramme autographe.
Paul Eluard sings love, hope and fraternity. Bonne Justice, one of his most beautiful poems. Magnificent autograph calligram signed.


Delacoste toys. 1951-1959.
Hiawatha, Cléo, Henry, Woody, Kopa, and their friends. Delacoste toys that made children happy. 1951-1959. From design to production.

Miller à Buchet. Correspondance inédite.
Henry Miller to his publisher Edmond Buchet. Unpublished correspondence. 1952-1969.


Gérard Philipe
Gérard Philipe and Jeanne Moreau in the Prince of Homburg.


Léo Ferré
Léo Ferré. Viens… Memories of childhood and adolescence, disappointment, his love for the theater and women. May 68.


Lucien Carny. L'Alchimie. Recueil de gouaches originales.
Lucien Carny. L’Alchimie. Exceptional collection of original gouaches.