Precious correspondence from the great soprano Mady Mesplé

Mady Mesplé . Correspondance.

    Mady Mesplé (Toulouse, 1931-2020), opera singer. 43 autograph letters or cards signed, Nice, Paris, Vienne, Liège, Toulouse, Lyon, Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, Nantes, Rennes, Saint-Etienne, Les Rousses, and Brueil, 1963-1970, addressed to her “Chère amie” Marie Louise Martin-Gardin, 37, chemin […]

Dominican diurnal

diurnal dominicain

    Dominican Diurnal. Diurnum sacri ordinis Fratrum Prædicatorum. Pro communi temporis et Sanctorum. Entirely handwritten and hand-ornamented on laid paper, no place, ca. 1900. Small in-4°. 158 unnumbered ff. Jansenist brown morocco, spine with 5 false-nerves, gilt title, gilt […]

Louis XVI, 12 years old, prophesies the Revolution that will cause the loss of the monarchy. Precious and exceptional enriched copy of this rare edition, which Nodier classified “among the rarest curiosities of [his] library. “

Louis XVI. Maximes. 1766.

    Louis XVI. Maximes morales et politiques tirées de Télémaque ; imprimées par Louis-Auguste, Dauphin. Versailles, De l’Imprimerie de Mgr le Dauphin, dirigée par A. M. Lottin, Libraire & Imprimeur ordinaire de Monseigneur le Dauphin, 1766. In-8°. Wood with the […]

Precious document written on the eve of the storming of the Bastille, moving link between three lieutenants of the French Guards, the Marquis de Thuisy, the earl Constant de Suzannet, and the Marquis de Barville, brothers in arms who remained loyal to the king, in a prestigious binding of the Comte de Caumont

Gardes Françaises juin 1789

    [Marquis de Thuisy]. État du Régiment des Gardes Françoises du Roy au mois de Juin 1789. [Paris, 1789]. Manuscript in-16. [1], 7 white, 93 pp., 13 ff. white. Long-grained blue morocco, richly decorated long back, plates decorated with […]