Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin. Des Nombres. 1843. Very rare original edition.

Saint-Martin. Des Nombres. 1843.

Saint-Martin. Nombres. 1843.



Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin, dit le Philosophe inconnu. Des Nombres. Par Saint-Martin, auteur de l’ouvrage intitulé : Des Erreurs et de la Vérité. Œuvre posthume. Paris, no name [printer], 1843. In-4°. II, 115 pages. Numerical formulae, pentacles and kabbalistic figures in the text. Black half-shagreen, back with 5 false bands adorned with golden fillets, golden year in tail, title piece in raspberry morocco.    


Saint-Mardin. Nombres. 1843.

Very rare original edition of the lithographed manuscript, only 100 copies printed. Bith Leon Chauvin’s warning and the table.

Fundamental text on symbolism of numbers, Martinesism-inspired, “the only esoteric explanation of the Numbers we have”, Dorbon says. Reviewed and corrected, it was reissued in 1861 by Dentu. In 1983-84, R.. Amadou will publish the Première édition authentique du manuscrit autographe, edited by Cariscript and Martinist Documents.

“Feeded Martinez Pasqualis systems, and Emmanuel Swédenborg, Saint-Martin composed a particular philosophy, kind of pure spiritualism that relates all to God. […] Knowledge of numbers, is as we know, one of the main keys to occultism, and Saint-Martin regarded their study as the most delicate and sacred. “ Numbers, he says, are only the abbreviated translation or concise language of truths and laws whose text and ideas are in God, in Man and Nature… they are the wisdom of beings. Man’s intelligence can achieve immense benefits from the use of Numbers, etc… ” » (Caillet, 9779, for the edition of 1861).


Saint-Martin. Nombres. 1843.


Dorbon, 4313 ; unknown edition in Guaita and Caillet, which cite only that of 1861.  

Few foxing and very rare soiling, corners of the title and pp. 109 to 112 cut. Perfectly bound, in exceptional condition.

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