Delacoste toys in the 50s. Henry, Hiawatha, Cléo, Woody, Kopa, and their friends. From design to production.



[Delacoste, toy manufacturer]. Archives of André Beuret, painter-decorator in Paris, designer of toys for the Delacoste et Cie company. Over 250 drawings, sketches and models, with documents and correspondence. 1951-1959.

The Delacoste company was founded in France in 1860 by Louis Delacoste, an engineer with a passion for mechanical toys. Over the years, Delacoste diversified its product range and concentrated on the production of plastic toys, in particular figurines and miniature vehicles. Delacoste toys were known for their quality and realism, and were very popular with children and collectors, such as Sophie the Giraffe created in 1961 or characters from the world of Disney. Delacoste was acquired by Vulli based in Rumilly in 1989.

This extensive collection of working documents provides invaluable information about the development of more than twenty of the famous Lacoste figurines. We follow the development of the toy step by step, from the order, the creation, the presentation, the rectifications following the relevant factory notes, to delivery, all with the dimensions and abundant commentary, illustrated with photographs and various documents.

The toys range from the world of Disney (the little Indian Hiawatha, the fish Cleo, Pinocchio’s friend, Princess Aurora and the 3 Fairies from Sleeping Beauty) to football celebrities such as Raymond Kopa, not forgetting the characters and little animals that have delighted children, their playmates (Henry, the good genie, Woody, the little teddy bear, poodle, dog, cat, horse, etc.) and even in their baths (ducks, turtles, the little sailor and his boat, and others).


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