Gustave Le Bon. L’Équitation actuelle. The author’s copy, enriched with original prints, offered to the son of Sadi Carnot, assassinated president of the republic.

Le Bon. L’Équitation.


Le Bon. L’Équitation.


Gustave Le Bon. L’Équitation actuelle et ses principes. Recherches expérimentales. Paris, Firmin-Didot et Cie, 1895. Small in-4° of VIII, 399 pp. followed by the Atlas of annotated photographs: [4] pp and 25 pl. Contemporary midnight blue half-chagrin, smooth spine richly decorated with small gilt tools of butterflies, stars, merlettes, roses and horseshoes, separated diagonally into 7 parts by a gilt roulette between two gilt fillets, gilt place and year on tail, red morocco title-piece, red head, cover preserved.

Le Bon. L’Équitation.

The third and most complete edition, entirely revised and considerably enlarged, illustrated with 75 figures and an atlas of 176 instant photographs designed to show the differences in gait and attitude of the same horse ridden by the same rider, the author himself, according to the variations in balance imposed on the animal. The photographs were taken by the author and Albert Londe, director of photographic services at the Salpêtrière hospital, and reproduced in phototypesetting. In 1903, Le Bon and Londe published the Atlas sur les allures du cheval.

This was the last edition published by Firmin-Didot.

Gustave Le Bon (1841-1934), French physician and ethnographer, covered a wide range of subjects: the history of civilizations, medicine, psychology, photography, horse-riding, travel and more.

This is probably the author’s copy, enriched with 33 original or reproduced photographs in various formats, most of which were used to illustrate the book (some with pencil instructions to the publisher), including 17 photographic prints, 3 of which show the author on horseback in the company of writer and feminist Jeanne Loiseau (1854-1921), known by her pen name Daniel Lesueur. Some of the photos are in a beige photographic envelope bearing the name of Dr. Le Bon.

Autograph sent by the author, Gustave Le Bon, « à Monsieur Sadi Carnot lieutenant d’Infanterie [mais propriétaire du cheval Gaminadded in pencil by the addressee] affectueux souvenir de l’auteur Gustave Le Bon » [to Monsieur Sadi Carnot infantry lieutenant (but owner of the horse Gamin) affectionate memory of the author Gustave Le Bon]

Le Bon. L’Équitation.

Lazare Hippolyte Sadi Carnot (1865-1948), French colonel and writer, was the son of French President Sadi Carnot, assassinated in Lyon in 1894; Sadi Carnot’s coat of arms is represented by the 3 merlettes and stars on the spine.

With a bronze medal depicting the author in profile.

Gustave Le Bon.

Bibliographical references: Mennessier de La Lance, Essai de bibliographie hippique, II, 72 ; M. Frizot, Nouvelle Histoire de la Photographie, 251.

An exceptional copy.

6 000 €