Precious correspondence from an officer in the Sardinian army who, having left Chambéry during the French invasion, fought the entire war against the French army in Italy.

Athénaz. Campagne d'Italie contre Masséna puis Bonaparte.


François-Modeste Perrin d’Avressieux, baron d’Athenaz, seigneur de Belmont (1755-1835), decorated with the cross of Saint-Maurice, serving as a Savoyard Major at the head of a company of Chasseurs in the Royal Grenadiers of the Sardinian army. 12 letters [one incomplete], Hospice du petit Saint-Bernard, Camp de la Cianea, Cève, Fossano, Cervere and Carmagnole, 6 July 1793 – 29 April 1796, to his brother, his wife, a relative and a friend [or sister?], in Chambéry and other places. 32 pp. in-4° and 4 pp. on 2 strips of paper. [Some of the papers are very browned, very fragile, with a few tears and adhesive paper reinforcements].

His wife was Sophie Anne, Baroness d’Athénaz, née Bocsozel de Montgontier (1756-1834), the last descendant of Bayard. The Perrin d’Avressieux family was allied to the de Maistre family; Xavier spent part of his childhood at La Bauche with his aunt Anne Marie Perrin d’Avressieux.

A Freemason and a man of honour, Baron d’Athénaz was a good family man, concerned about the welfare of his wife and the education of his son Arthus. In his correspondence, he shares his intimate feelings about the struggle to liberate his homeland, occupied Savoy, his disappointments and difficulties as an officer throughout the war, from the retreat to the Alps to the Cherasco armistice, camp life and the state of mind of the Savoyard troops, their commitment during the defeats at Leano by Masséna and above all at Mondovi by the young General Bonaparte; as a witness and heroic actor, he has left us a precious record of these events. Between the lines, his unfailing love for his family, his country and his king shines through, as does his bitterness towards the royal court, his weariness of the fighting and his desire to see an end to hostilities at last.

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