Lucien Carny. Splendide recueil de gouaches sur l’Alchimie.

Carny alchimie


Lucien Carny. L’Alchimie. No place [Chaumont ?], 1977-1978. Collection of 38 original gouache drawings on a watercolor background, dated with monogram, mounted on a beige notebook (23,6 x 17,7 cm) with the collage title mounted on a brown strong paper cover.

The drawings, are really fresh, with handwritten captions. (except the second whose legend is printed and mounted), sometimes with a glued printed quote. ” Mother Earth “, “Taste things internally. It is not knowing much that satiates the Soul, but to smell and taste things internally”, “Liquefaction “, “If the grain does not die. What is the Kingdom similar to?? To the grain that a man threw into his garden. The sourdough that a woman buried in flour. L[u]c, 13, 18-21. “, “Putrefaction “, “L’Œuvre au rouge “, “Sublimation “, “In der Weg ” [Sur le Chemin], “Le Chiffre de quatre “, “Introitus appertus ad occlusum regis palatus. Where does this come from, soul of man, [with “ancient Carmel ” noted in ink, down the drawing] “, “Leone vernis “, ” Lupus “, “The Pilgrim of St.. Jacob “, “Drago verdi “, “Phoenix rubea », « Cervus fugitibus », “Rosa rubea”, “Rosa alba”, ” Flos oro “, “The 78”, “Fraternity”, “The Athanor “, “The Temple “, “The Green Face “, “The Phe Tree “, “Opus saluatonis “, “Jacob “, “Autumn to the birds “, “The Golden Flower “, “The Syrene “, “Chaumont “, “Grey Wolf “, “TheBlack work “, ” The Black Moon “, vanity not captioned, “1977 1978 “,  ” מַלְכֵּי־צֶדֶק ” [Melchisédech], “Autumn 1977 “.

Lucien Carny, died on 24 April 2006, writer passionate about esotericism, published Notre-Dame de Paris : symbolisme hermétique et alchimique, about the esoteric symbols in the cathedrals of Strasbourg and Auxerre, as well as Le Tarot de Charles VI : chemin royale de la vie, or, mysterium conjunctionis, and above all, under his direction, a real sum in five volumes on the Compagnons en France et en Europe. He was also very involved in the review Alantis, as Jacques d’Arès reminds us by paying tribute to him: ” he had a very good talent as a draftsman and at the meetings of the editorial board of the Revue, he never ceased to “sketch” my collaborators. […] Orthodox Christian, he always considered himself on the trail with a quote of which he did not give the author: “We meet the man of spirit and we do not know how to recognize him. We meet the sensitive man and we do not know how to find his heart. ” For him, be on the trail, it is to be in the state that allows the Holy Encounter ” (Jacques d’Arès : Mémoires d’un trouble-fête : La vie ésotérique en France à travers la revue Atlantis 1926-2010, .  Dervy, 2017).

Small fold on the upper edge of the support sheets and reinforcements between the first and second support sheets, the same between the last two, all without affecting the drawings.

Exceptional set, unique and in a rare freshness.

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