C. Huet. Drawing and engravings. Scatological monkeyings. Around 1742.

Huet. Dessin original.

Christophe Huet (1700-1759). Scatological monkeyings. [The Forgotten enema], unsigned and untitled drawing, pen and brown ink (13,5 x 19,5 cm) with The enema given and The enema brought, 2 copper engravings (15 x 21 cm). Around 1742.

The etchings are extracted from the famous series ” Singeries, ou Différentes Actions de la vie humaine représentée par des singes published in 1741-1742, engraved by J. B. Guélard d’après C. Huet. The size (14 x 21 engravings without the letter), The style and character of the scene allow the drawing to be associated with these two engravings, drawing probably not retained during the production of the series.

Christophe Huet was essentially a decorator. He is credited with the monkey cabinet at the Rohan hotel in Paris (1749-1752) as well aspainted panels from the ” Grande ” and ” Petite Singerie ” (1741) in Chantilly.  

The two engravings are mounted on carton by two upper points; some very tiny dirt to the drawing. Very nice set.

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