Alfred de Musset to Solange Sand


Alfred de Musset sends to George Sand’s daughter a collection of his poems , sweet nostalgic fragrance of passionate loves of the most romantic couple in French literature.


Alfred de Musset. Poésies complètes. Paris, Charpentier, 1840. In-12. ii, [1], 1 white, 436 pp. Contemporary fawn half calf, back with 4 false raised bands adorned with gilt ornaments, p. morocco. label, marbled edges.                                                

1st collective edition. With « Pâle étoile du soir… » and « Chanson » pp. 152 and 153.

Precious copy of George Sand’s daughter, Solange, as indicated in the autograph letter signed by Alfred de Musset to her husband Auguste Clésinger, and that accompanied the dedication of our copy. This letter is formerly mounted by a corner on the back of the upper enpaper. ..

Musset - George Sand. Nostalgie

No place, no date [after 1847], 1 p. double sheet in-8°.

My dear Clésinger

Thank you for remembering my little books. They no longer have the merit of novelty. As they are, however,, if Mrs. Clésinger would do me the honour of accepting the tribute, please tell her that I will be very happy to have found the opportunity to remember her.

                                                                                                                   Everything to you

                                                                                                                            Alfd Musset

The vole of poems contains the new ones with the old. “ 


In 1840, Musset was seriously ill, period of very low literary production. He does, however, publish the 1st edition of his Poésies complètes.

Solange Sand (1828-1899) was 5 years old when her mother met Alfred de Musset, their love affair lasted two years. Solange married the sculptor Auguste Clésinger in 1847.

At the time of our letter, Musset is aging; he feels the need to send to the daughter of his youthful love, he was 23 ., a copy of his Poésies complètes, published almost 20 years ago. From this humble sending to Solange, we feel a moving sense of nostalgia, a tender intimate scent of this stormy passion now extinguished, and the regret of his poetic vein now dried up. Musset will die a few years later, in 1857.

Vicaire, V, 1251.

Some stains, a head joint split, head of spine short.